ARCHILAND is an international design and consulting company located in Singapore, Beijing, Tianjin and with a co-owned sister office based in Copenhagen. ARCHILAND currently consists of around 180 dedicated designers with different professional background and from varying countries and cultures. Based on Smart Sustainable Design, we provide one-stop services for urban planning, architecture design and landscape design in Northern Europe, China and Asian-Pacific Region. 

Smart Sustainable Design focus on using our cross disciplinary team, passive design approach and digital simulation methods to ensure the best balance and synergy in the varying layers of the urban design. we can combine the early stages services on project positioning, product research, urban planning, architectural, engineering optimization, energy efficiency innovation with the actual building level and cost control. From this unique approach we can deliver more value to our clients, to the project and to the community as a whole.

ARCHILAND R&D provides ongoing integration of latest technologies, simulations and knowhow in our design from our extensive professional and academic strategic partners. Our R&D team ensured a long record of price winning projects respected for their high quality of execution. ARCHILAND is based on productive spill over of disciplines and cultures, defining our way of working. Being open-minded and critical towards ‘business as usual’ is vital for our crossdisciplinary teams. ARCHILAND celebrates our longterm collaborations and value working as contributors in varying constellations to develop innovative, realistic, remarkable design for a changing world.