On September 26th and 27th, "Livable·Sustainable Wisdom" Academic Forum, organized by ARCHILAND, PLACE, Beijing University of Technology and Hebei University of Technology, was held successfully at Beijing and Tianjin. The academic exchange conducted discussions from multiple dimension with livable city concept and smart sustainable development as its core.

Mr. Mauricio and Ms. Merry from PLACE introduced the urban renewal history of Portland and shared many classic projects.

Olivier Vignes, Chief Architect of ARCHILAND, from transportation, climate adaptation and cultural identity, shared his understanding of multi-dimensional values in urban renewal, presenting smart and sustainable design in multiple professional fields, projects with multiple scales and different value orientations.

During the exchange, students actively asked questions about construction waste disposal, healthy community planning, conflicts between urban renewal and economic interests, and parking problem in old communities. Professors answered their questions specifically, shared project experience in the United States and Europe, and put forward reasonable suggestions based on the current situation of China.

The forum not only demonstrated the understanding of multi-dimensional value in urban renewal, but also developed new concept of sustainable construction of livable cities.