The 15th Guangzhou Design Week has been held at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo and Guangzhou International Purchasing Center. Mr. Sun Zheng, Partner and Planning Director of ARCHILAND has been invited to multiple activities, including "2020 Ideal Architecture Festival Conference and Annual Award Ceremony", "Dialogue with Bauhaus" etc.

The "2020 IAF Front Architecture Festival Dream Conference" is one of the events of this Guangzhou Design Week, which focuses on the realization and rebirth of the "unbuilt" design works. The conference collects “unbuilt” designs or that cannot be put into practice, to provide them with an opportunity to make unbuilt design built.

"Dialogue with Bauhaus" Centennial Forum is an event organized for Guangzhou Design Week on the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the establishment of Bauhaus School. The purpose of this event is to inherit the spirit of Bauhaus, develop his design education philosophy and provide creative design works that can promote social development and optimize our lifestyle.

Guangzhou Design Week curates exhibitions with the theme of "Happy PLAY", based on design and materials to integrate happiness into experiential artworks to meet various needs such as design, creativity, and the future. With the concept of architecture sustainability, ARCHILAND participates in the discussion of urban development and ecology in the new environment, aiming to provide more possibilities for future design development.