ARCHILAND was invited to participate in the Metropolitan NAVA x Bauhaus RE-DESIGN International Design Festival

On April 12, 2023, a new Bauhaus International Design Festival about "RE DESIGNN" opened grandly in Beijing, China's Vanke Metropolis NAVA. Global design masters gathered around the design ideal of "beautiful/sustainable/together" to re solve the problem of contemporary living and explore a new realm of life. This RE-DESIGN International Design Festival invited many leading figures from various fields such as architectural design, interior design, art, and life aesthetics to present a comprehensive presentation of the "re-creation of spaces coexisting with nature" from different levels, perspectives, and values, bringing innovative insights and inspiration.

The main guests attending this forum are Ma Shanshan, the head of Bauhaus University in China, Zhong Mingming, the general manager of Vanke Group Beijing Weijia, Sun Zheng, director of ARCHILAND International, OLIVIER VIGNES, the chief architect of ARCHILAND International, Yuan Xikun, the first "environmental protection artist" of the United Nations, and the director of Beijing Jintai Art Museum, Huo Xin the Lecturer of National Museum of Legalism.

At the opening ceremony, several guests from the architectural design industry, including Chen Darui, Lin Zhen, Liang Ping, Olivier, and Cao Dongjie, as well as NAVA project leader Li Qiong, jointly presented a wonderful sharing around "RE-DESIGN", telling the story of their ideal "RE-DESIGN". Later, Li Qiong, Yuan Xikun, Sun Zheng, Liu Jia, Chen Darui, Ren Yanan and others cut the ribbon for the event, and the RE-DESIGN International Design Festival officially opened.