ARCHILAND Projects Won 2023 AMP American MasterPrize Award

The committee of 2023 Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) has recently announced the winners, and ARCHILAND has won 3 awards. "Culture Regeneration Urban Design of Central Axis in Jiaxing Ancient Town" won the Urban Planning Winner, and" Innovation Water Town Urban Design of Yangtze Delta Demonstration Zone" won the Honorable Mention in the Urban Planning category, and "360 HEADQUARTER" won the Honorable Mention in the Mixed use Architecture category.

Jiaxing Central Cultural Axis 

Jiaxing Central Cultural Axis is a central axis spanning approximately 2.6km from the Haogu Pagoda at the South Lake of Jiaxing, along Funan Street to Zicheng, and northwards along the Shaonian Road to the Yuehe Historical Quarter, for the slow enjoyment of the ancient city. Aiming to achieve the goal of protecting the poetic and picturesque Jiaxing, enhancing the vitality of the old city, and leading the wind direction of culture and fashion, and to perfectly show the city's character of both ancient and modern, and the eclectic nature of the city, preserving the vivid samples of the traditional life of the old city, and forming a "walkable neighborhood, readable buildings and story-telling lanes".

"Xiangfudang Innovation Centre 

 Xiangfudang Innovation Centre is located in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, embracing Xitang Ancient Town in the west and adjoining the water town living room in the north, with a total area of about 47 square kilometers, which is the centralized demonstration core area of the Yangtze River Delta Eco-Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone. Through the dual engine of cultural tourism, science and innovation, the transformation of ecological advantages of the golden substrate, and Integrating Nature, the project aims to build a new EOD city integrating the millennium old town and the world-class science and innovation lake area with the concepts of whole-area and whole-factor, ecology and low-carbon, and ideal human habitat.

360 Headquarters 

360 Headquarters is located in Huayuan Science and Technology Park in Tianjin Hi-Tech Zone, and is designed to create a green and efficient research office and high-tech R&D space pattern with a relevant and humanized design concept. The unique nature-friendly green island "hill" is combined with a contrasting hard and clear floating box. The green island forms a tall column-free space, while the hill is combined with the outdoor landscape to create different thematic scenarios and spaces, defining the new future of the science and technology park. The façade design is based on the concept of sustainable development, through the technical means of both active and passive systems, complementing each other and working in concert, on the basis of which it then rationally reduces the energy consumption of the building in terms of re-lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling, which is of great significance to the realization of sustainable green design.