Shenzhen, as the first Special Economic Zone in China, is the window of the Reform and Opening-up and also a new immigrant city. Now, Shenzhen has become an international modern metropolis with relative influence. It is urgent for Longhua District, the third populous district with a certain scale of business in Shenzhen, to create an integrated and high-quality commercial central district combined with regional stock development projects. Learning from world experience, the vision is to build Longhua International Business District into a borderless and immersive oasis. Integrate the public system with the boundless metropolis with slow traffic to build a borderless urban hub; build an unbounded street specially designed for retail and people to create unbounded vertical hyperdimensional space integrated with TOD; build cultural and business landmarks to create an impressive and immersive portal image. The 3D connectivity of the multi-layer explore rings brings interactive and immersive art and business scenes to maximize the business experience; and two green ecological parks has been built to promote the development of the whole area. Bring green vitality to each unit to create the park city system. Build 3D green buildings and create a landmark and showcase of the low-carbon city. Finally, an urban structure of “Four Axes, Two Rings and One Oasis” based on the DNA of Longhua will be formed, which will facilitate Longhua to become a world-class international business district in the Greater Bay Area.



    Longhua District Urban Renewal and Land Development Bureau, Shenzhen


    Urban Design/Architecture Concept Design


    Longhua District, Shenzhen


    16.83 sqkm


    Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center Co., Ltd
    Aedas Asia Limited
    Jones Lang Lasalle (Shenzhen) Commercial Consultancy Company Ltd.

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